Dr Sandeep Gupta: Reverse Engineers Type 2 Diabetes 

 October 8, 2022

By  Therese L'Seow

Welcome to The Enlightened Pharmacst podcast. If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, have risk factor for diabetes, today’s episode will help you dig deep into the root cause of this condition and what you can do to control your diabetes.

Our guest today is Dr Sandeep Gupta, Integrative Physician based in Queensland and Educator of health practitioners

After transforming his own health, Dr Sandeep Gupta, reverse engineered his symptoms, studied with the best in integrative medicine and today shares his philosophy on the root cause of chronic disease and is helping his clients do the same.

He is an Australian-trained doctor with a special interest in integrative medicine, chronic illness, depression and anxiety treatment, adrenal gland and thyroid dysfunction and treatment of parasite and other gastrointestinal infections.

Dr. Gupta established the Lotus Institute of Holistic Health in 2017, to provide training in integrative medicine for those who seek it. 

In his spare time he plays guitar and keyboard, and enjoys tennis, golf, practicing meditation and enjoying new music and philosophical concepts.

In this episode on diabetes reversal, you will discover:

  • How Dr Sandeep Gupta reverse engineered his symptoms by improving gut health and how his holistic wellness practice is transforming client’s health
  • Why Disconnection (to self or others) may result in habits and symptoms leading to chronic disease
  • Never-ending vicious cycle between increased sugar intake, insulin production and insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome that can lead to inflammation and disease (type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions)
  • Tell-tale signs and symptoms (weight gain, high cholesterol, hypertension) of metabolic syndrome
  • Useful tests to assess metabolic syndrome
  • Reversal of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome through Reconnection, Detoxification, Nutrition and more

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Where to find Dr Sandeep Gupta:

Facebook Page



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