Transform Your Stress into Business Success

Congratulations on taking the first step towards reclaiming control of your life and thriving amidst the challenges of entrepreneurship. I understand that each of you is unique, and your well-being is paramount in your journey to success. That's why I'm thrilled to extend a special offer just for you.

Introducing the Personalized Manage Stress Guarantee Success Program.

For just $60—a fraction of my standard $200 hourly rate—you'll receive a personalized plan crafted specifically to address your stressors and elevate your well-being. This is my way of showing appreciation for your commitment tonight.

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  • Tailored Strategies: Gain access to a wealth of strategies tailored precisely to your needs. From stress management techniques to productivity hacks, we'll cover it all to ensure you remain productive, energized, and aligned with your mission as an entrepreneur
  • Proven Results: Join countless entrepreneurs who have transformed their stress into success with personalized strategies. Experience the tangible benefits of reduced stress, increased productivity, and enhanced well-being in both your personal and professional life
  • Lifetime Habits: This isn't just a temporary solution. Together, we'll craft adaptable, doable habits designed to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey, no matter what challenges come your way
Therese Health Coach Transforming Your Health Goals

About the Author

Therese, Founder of The Pharmacist Edit

Therese is a Consultant Pharmacist specialising in medicines information and management. She has over 20 years experience in NZ, UK and Australia helping clients optimise their health. Her own genetic predisposition toward type 2 diabetes has strengthened her preventive and research pursuits; to help individuals find the best interventions to naturally resolve conditions like fatigue, weight gain, pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes and heart disease risk. She can guide you through the latest cutting-edge research and help you create a personalized plan that fits into your life.

DISCLAIMER: Therese is a Pharmacist & Certified Trainer & Assessor, and not a medical doctor. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, these consultations should not be construed as medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, or treatment to you or any other individual, and are not intended as a substitute for medical or professional care or treatment.